Celebrating The Porcupine Lab 20th issue! 🥳

day 8/100 | drawing from life | waddayaknow, this is still going on strong

Peeps, folks, humenssss, on March 10 2021, I’ve started The Porcupine Lab on a whim. Just wanted an outlet to dish out dem crazies in my mind. And I wanted to do something different apart from my HopeMail newsletter for a change.

And whaddayaknow, 20 issues were published from March 10 to April 12 2021.

Thank you for reading and laughing with me. (And deep thinking with me.) Thank you for your comments and replies.

I am having loads of fun with this! Gonna continue with it.

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In case you are looking for it—The Porcupine Lab archive

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