13/100 | Refocusing on God | Verse of the day reading


Kinda like what I imagine how God would greet me today.

A friendly “hey”.
A kind “hey”.
A loving “hey”.
An understanding “hey”.
A welcoming “hey”.

As the pastor, Pastor Will Coleman shared in the Youversion verse of the day video message, the first part of Psalm 23:1, “The LORD is my shepherd” stood out for me.

Not the second part of Psalm 23:1, “I lack nothing”, which I tried so hard to believe—that I lack nothing.

Or other versions of the verse, “I want nothing”. Oh, but, Father, I want many things. I want You, but I want many things. Things that wanna push You out from being the foundation and the centre of my life.

Today, today, as I work, as I drew the drawing, as I’m typing this, I completely immerse myself in the words “The LORD is my shepherd”. And gaze, and bask, and hope, and rest—in Him; in truth.

Then—only then, the second part of the verse—”I lack nothing”, makes perfect sense.

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